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“Just because the world on hold, your therapy doesn't have to be on hold."

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC is having a huge emotional impact on us. Many of us are experiencing higher levels of distress and anxiety as we negotiate each day in the unknown with a ‘new normal’. 


You may find yourself dealing with thoughts, feelings, emotions that you thought that you overcome and now it may all be coming back to the surface, and you may be finding it hard to manoeuvre through those difficult feelings.

But, that where counselling can step in counselling provides that safe space for you to talk about those difficult feeling without being judged. Knowing you have a time that is dedicated to you weekly can make it easier for you to share those intimate thoughts and feelings.

Stay safe and hope to connect soon 

​Davina Dobbs

Want to find out how we begin? Including fees and which platforms I use, please click here to find out more. Book your free 20-minutes no-obligation telephone consultation today. Or book your single session (90-minutes) same-day appointment available.

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